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Mission, Motto, and Philosophy

Our Mission

Parklane Academy, a parent-governed, college preparatory school, exists to challenge young Christian men and women to love others as themselves and to grow in knowledge and skill in order that they may serve others through their character and leadership.

Our Philosophy

We, the faculty, the student body, and the community feel that each individual student is the basic responsibility of Parklane Academy. We believe that the Christian development of the child is the primary function of Parklane. However, the home, the church, the family, and the community must share in the physical, social, moral, and spiritual development of the child.  Parklane Academy must, by both precept and practice, prepare our youth to become well-adjusted citizens who can make a positive contribution toward effective living in a democratic, Christian society. Parklane should recognize that each student is an individual with varying needs, interests, learning capacities, talents, and aspirations. The college preparatory curriculum should be basically sound in the requirements for all students. The relationship between teachers and students at Parklane Academy should be a harmonious and happy one, characterized particularly by friendliness, cooperation, helpfulness, admiration, tolerance, and mutual respect. The teachers should serve as guides, advisors, and fountains of knowledge in the educational process. They should be the authority which is necessary to stabilize the student from within. The administration and staff of Parklane Academy in grades K-12 strive to maintain an educational program which will provide experiences that teach each student personal responsibilities and obligations and that foster abilities and Christ-like attitudes essential to the most effective living in a democracy.


“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”