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This Friday, November 16th, starts our Thanksgiving Break.  Have a blessed week with your family and friends!  See you back on Monday, November 26th!
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Gabby Hutson 12th
Alli Robinson 11th
Haley Jenkins 11th
Alli Albritton 11th
Nan Gatlin 11th
Emma Roberts 11th
Rachel Platt 11th
Maddie Dixon  11th
Libby Carr 10th
Emily Parish 10th
Emme Wallace 10th
Meg Gatlin 9th
Lana Johnson 9th
Skye Sharpe 9th
Gabby Carr 8th
Madison Lenoir 8th
Lagen Harvey 8th
Liberty Gillihan 8th
Madelyn Platt 8th
Gigi Lindsey 7th
Kate Clements 7th
Sarah Kate Price 7th
Madison Haye 7th
Brianna Page 7th
Carley Dixon 7th